Growing cannabis with Botanicare nutrients

Cannabis and Botanicare nutrients

Today we present you a grow report of Bubble OG Kush regular seeds using the Pure Blend Pro range of nutrients formulated by Botanicare.

For this crop, we used coco coir from Biobizz, a substrate that we know well and that will allow us to determine the quality of this new range of fertilizers, new on the European market but well known by American users, both indoor and outdoor farmers.

We also used a 1m2 grow tent and a 600W lighting system with a Lumatek digital ballast. We installed a 600W MH lamp for the growth stage and a 600W HPS bulb for the flowering period.

The air circulation system consists of a 125mm 330m3/h air extractor to remove the air and a 125mm 160m3/h air extractor blowing fresh air inside the tent. Both extractors are connected to a climate control unit.

The pots used for the initial phase had a capacity of 0,5L, 1,65L for the definitive containers (13 x 13 x 13 cm). We usually perform a transplant to promote the growth of the root ball before putting the plants to bigger containers.